Iron On - Ironing Cloth | Vlieseline (Vilene)

A specially created cloth to make press fusing interfacings a dream. Protects the outer fabric and prevents glossy spots on heat-sensitive or darker materials.

IRON ON becomes transparent when moistened, making it easier to position interlinings for fusing. That’s how IRON ON protects your fabric for ideal results when fusing interlinings.

A little note from Empress: While we love the product (& we really do love it) we are a little baffled with the name. To us Iron On suggests an item is fusible. To be clear it it not. It is designed to be the ultimate pressing cloth - and that, it does well!

Video Demonstrating The Cloth Here

44 x 60cm cloth. Two come in each pack.

Iron On - Ironing Cloth | Vlieseline (Vilene)

Iron On - Ironing Cloth | Vlieseline (Vilene)

IRON ON Vlieseline (Vilene) Info.

  • Created to be the ultimate pressing cloth
  • For ensuring a perfect fully fused interlining even when using a steam iron
  • Tear-resistant
  • Multiple use & can be washed and re-used

How To Use

  • Moisten the IRON ON Cloth. This will allow yu to see through it.
  • Place on your fusible interlining while the cloth is wet and iron. Use a dry Iron.
  • In addition to the fabric under the cloth being protected from direct heat, as the cloth is wet it will have the effect of a steam iron and further help to create the perfect bond.
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Colour White
EAN 4008983114581
Theme Plain
Brand Special, Vilene / Vlieseline
Stock Logic Status Standard